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Atul Gupta is the chairperson and also co- founder of Mools Energy, a Finance Investment firm. This organization is indulged in finances and also develops an adaptable power device system that delivers reliable, clean and competitive energy from an extensive range of fuels. Mol’s technology empowers buyers to create their own power for less of what they pay their utility, and to diminish their carbon emissions by 50-100% for every KW relying upon the fuel. His efforts can be seen as Remarkable step towards providing this planet with better energy resources whilst conserving the existing Non renewable sources.

Before establishing Mools Energy, Mr. Atul Gupta headed a group developing technologies to manage life on Mars. For his work, he has been viewed as one of the main five futurists that are inventing tomorrow today. Prior to this Atul Gupta was Director and Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering had left that position, so atul gupta went to the south Africa.

If we talk about his Educational background, Atul Gupta gained his Bachelor Degree from the University of Sri lanka in Mechanical Engineering with Honors and his M.S in Engineering and Phd in Industrial Engineering from the same university. He was one of the brightest students in his school and even college and often been rewarded for his specialization in a lot of Extracurricular activities along with Science projects at an early age. So we can say that the “Multi Domain” expert started showing his real excellence in his teenage times only.

Having served on numerous specialized panels, sheets and boards, Atul Gupta has more than 50 publications and Atul Gupta in South Africa is a looked for after speaker and counselor on environmental and energy issues. Atul Gupta Family is forthright in his belief that the weather crisis we face is additionally a huge economic open door, that energy strategy must be technology neutral and execution based and that we can take care of our current energy issues through a mixture of innovation, development and preservation. As per his belief, COP21 in December 2015 has identified an ambitious set of goals which were agreed by nearly 200 countries. The headline target to put the brakes on global warming so the earth does not heat up by more than two degrees requires business and government to work hand in hand.

Atul Gupta Family in South Africa –  Therefore believes that Policy makers must enshrine these targets in law and ensure that the appropriate incentives and funding are available to help businesses adapt. As it currently stands, 41 per cent of global CO2 emissions are produced by the energy sector, followed by transport with 23 per cent. Many countries are working towards decarbonising energy supply with more environmentally friendly means of energy production. For example, in 2015, President Obama announced a target of 20 per cent non-hydro renewable for the US by 2030 and the UAE has pledged to drop fossil fuel subsidies and increase the low-carbon energy contribution of renewable energy and nuclear power to 24% of the overall energy mix by 2021.It is critical for the global economy that these businesses adapt; such is the importance of the energy industry that if companies don’t innovate and adapt, the future of the planet is at risk.

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